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Whilst browsing the world-wide-web in relation to Walke Moore Tools, I came across a brief article in a language I didn’t recognize.
I clicked on it and after google translated the text, I learned some interesting information about WMT I thought I should share.WMT in MontenegroFirst: We are apparently making planes now.
Second: I’m female.
Third: We are “Wizards of New York” (I’m okay with that one).
Fourth: We make saws and rulers.
Fifth: We were upgraded from “Wizards of New York” to “Masters of America” (that might be too much pressure).

translationIn all fairness I’m sure a few things were lost in translation, but I find it interesting that our small company is popping up online around the world after barely two years of being in business (I believe this was written in Montenegro based on the web extension).  So thanks again for all the support, it means a lot to us.




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