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A quick side project I finished recently and thought I’d share… of course when I say “quick” I mean it only took maybe 10 hours of work, but it was spread out over nearly 2 months as other work was constantly taking priority over this bench.

The “before” state of the bench.

All the metal bits disassembled.

The part on the right is untouched with surface rust just about everywhere. The part on the left is after about 15 minutes of cleaning with a wire-brush attachment stuck on my angle grinder.

The old bench seat parts vs the new. The seat is from a single board (for consistent color and grain pattern) cut into slats on the table saw.

With so many edges to clean up, gang-planing is the way to go.

After assembly all the ends were flushed up and edges were chamfered.

Nearly completed. Everything went together but was then taken apart so the wood could be finished.

The finished bench back at home.

The wood is white oak, finished with Epifanes. The metal is painted with 3 coats of black enamel.         The screws, nuts, and washers were all replaced with stainless steel hardware.