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Winding Sticks



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Product Description

Winding sticks are simple tools used to both detect and exaggerate twist, or wind, along a board’s face.  This greatly assists a woodworker in knowing where to remove material to flatten that face.  For a more detailed explanation of how winding sticks are used, check out our blog entry here.

And now all winding sticks come included with our Magne-clip feature.  These rare earth magnets installed at each end of both sticks hold them firmly together while maintaining the clean look and feel of the tool.  This is a small detail, but it’s one we’re proud of.

We are pleased to make these tools available and took no shortcuts in their production.  Here are the details:
-Tapered over their height for balance.
-Contrasting inlay for clear visibility.
-Center marker inlay for fast, accurate placement.
-Both sticks have matching inlay, less hassle when placing them on the board.
-Available in three standard sizes (custom sizes available upon request).
-Magnetic clips come standard.
-Manufactured from quartersawn hardwood to make them as stable as possible.  Click here for more information on maintaining your sticks.

Additional Information

Wood Combination

Cherry body, Walnut inlay, Walnut body, Maple inlay


18″, 24″, 30″