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Router Plane Model 2500



Product Description

Pre-sales are now on hold due to the volume of orders already placed.  We expect to begin taking orders again before the end of 2016.  Thank you to everyone who placed an order and we are planning to have these tools regularly available once we are in full production in the second half of 2016.  

This has easily been our most anticipated tool to date and it’s a monster.  Based on the Preston 2500P, it is the largest, heaviest, and most versatile router plane ever produced.  There is so much to cover on this tool we can’t do it properly until we get our first production units finished and start shooting some detailed pictures and videos, but here’s a brief summary (you can also check out our blog and instagram feed for more info):

-8.5″ x 3.5″ footprint, 2-1/8 lbs
-1/2″ wide, square cutter made from O1 will be included
-Cutter can mount in one of four positions (see photos)
-When the cutter is mounted in the outer positions it can be rotated 90 deg
-Fence, depth stop, and sharpening jig included
-Two choices of knobs:  smaller (Preston) based on the original and larger (Stanley) knobs which we prefer (photos compare original to ours)
-Body, fence, and blade locking collar cast in manganese bronze
-All hardware is machined brass or stainless steel

Please note that bronze tools can leave darkened or tarnished areas on lighter colored woods.  This is normal and can be remedied by cleaning up the surface after using the router with a smoothing plane or light sanding or you can attach a wooden sole to the base, an example of which is shown in the pictures (not included with the tool).

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Router w/ Preston Knobs, Router w/ Stanley Knobs


Extra set, Preston-style, Extra set, Stanley-style, No