Adjustable Brass Bound Level Kit



Product Description

After years of owning plastic levels and getting frustrated at the cost of vintage brass bound levels we decided to design our own.  And while the WMT brass bound level kit may not be the most necessary tool to own, it will be one of the most rewarding.  Our level is designed with a fully bound body protecting every edge from wear.  The end plates are actually caps that surround the end grain and prevent the plates from shifting if knocked in use.  The vial is made from clear glass (because the neon plastic vials look like garbage) and is mounted in an adjustable housing.  The adjustable housing is a major benefit for several reasons and something we knew we wanted from the beginning.  First, it makes installation extremely simple since the vial can be mounted in the brass housing on the bench and then the assembly gets dropped into the wooden body.  Second, the vial doesn’t have to be mounted precisely in its housing as it will be calibrated once the level is complete.  It is also easy to remove the housing and replace the vial should it ever get seriously scratched or break.  Finally, it just looks a lot cleaner than a vial that has been plastered in a wooden body.

The kit includes everything you’ll need to build the level except the wood itself, so pull out that small hunk of fancy, exotic hardwood you don’t know what to do with and make something your friends will drool over.  And when you’re done send us pictures of your level, we’d love to see how it turned out.

Completed levels are also available for $600 (price may go up depending on your choice of wood).  If you would like a completed level, email us at to arrange the order or simply purchase the level through this page and we will contact you to sort out the details and make any necessary price adjustments.  4-6 delivery.

Finished dimensions: 9″ long x 2″ tall x 1.25″ deep.
Vial sensitivity: 19 minutes
Instructions: download Level Kit Build Instructions

Some tools you may want on hand during the build:
-A surface plate
-Dial calipers
-Needle rasps/files
-Drill press
-#2, #4 & #8 Flathead screwdrivers

Additional information

Weight 1.3 lbs
Dimensions 12 x 5 x 5 in
Level Kit