Comments Off on Router Updates and Corona…

If you’re reading this, you probably know getting routers manufactured and delivered in a timely manner has been a real challenge. We’ve spent the last couple years working on improving the casting reliability, but we could only get so far. We’ve decided to change how the routers are produced, finished our prototypes, and the results are great. There will be a different look, the bronze bodies are going away, but the tools themselves are essentially unchanged… actually one subtle change that is a mild improvement.

The issue now is simply the same one everyone is facing, most of our suppliers are shutdown due to the corona virus and WMT is also not meeting in person to work on tools at this time. As soon as we can get back into production we’ll do a proper product announcement with all the details, but for now we wanted to let people know that good news is coming. In the meantime stay safe and we hope to be sharing more soon.