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The Return of the Router

It’s been a long time coming, but we’re finally filling up the pipeline and getting back into production with our 2500 Router Plane.  After two years and three foundries we’ve got everything to a point where we can move forward with a low rate of scrap and high rate of confidence.  As things sit today, we have 50 polished routers we’ll be posting between August & September, the first of which will go on sale at noon East Coast USA time (EDT), August 4th.  Routers may contain minor pitting on the sole of the tool, but it ranges from very minor to none at all.

Examples of the pin-prick type pitting we see on some routers.

A close-up look at the sole with pitting present.

Going forward, we’re ordering much larger quantities of raw castings from the foundry (this initial run of 50 was really to prove things out before committing too much cash too soon), but it’s going to take a little time to get those in and start the regular routine of machining parts, assembling, and posting on the site.  So what does the future of router availability look like long-term?  Our goal is to shoot for posting 30 routers to the site every month (probably on the 1st or 15th) and when they’re sold out, they’re sold out… but only until next month when another 30 go up for grabs.  Over time we expect demand to stabilize and our process to become even more streamlined, so we may go up from 30/month if needed.

The other things we want to make people aware of is a slight change in the router options and pricing.  To date, we’ve only sold routers with polished edges.  This is a classy look that we want to continue to offer, but for a variety of reasons it’s more costly than we initially expected.  Therefore, in order for us to continue offering polished routers we need to raise the price from $290 to $315.  As an alternative, however, we are also going to be offering a matte version of the router for $285 which will be available after the Aug/Sept inventory is sold.  The routers are completely identical in every way with the exception of the polished edges.

The WMT 2500 Matte Router

The polished vs. matte router

A more detailed shot of the polished vs. matte finish router

Finally, we want to sincerely thank everyone for their patience and support (be it via emails, Instagram posts and comments, or conversing with us directly) over the past few years while the development was going on followed by all the casting issues.  We know it’s been a long wait.  No one wants to get these out into the hands of woodworkers more than we do and we’re extremely excited to finally make that a reality.


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