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If you’re interested in a private lesson on hand tools you can contact me directly at aaron.moore@walkemooretools.com.  The class will be held at my home shop in Fairport, NY.  During our time, you will have the opportunity to test drive my tools and we can cover just about anything you want to talk about; sharpening, planing, sawing, joinery… whatever is most interesting to you.

The rate is $30/hr for one person, $15/hr for each additional person.  I will send you an invoice once we’ve worked out the details, but at least 1/3 of the payment must be made ahead of time to reserve your spot.

Material from previous group classes: (Note that the information contained below is intended to compliment live instruction and demonstration.  If you have questions about anything you read, don’t hesitate to ask.)

Sharpening Handtools
Understanding Hand Planes
Understanding Western Hand Saws