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The 3rd, final, and long over-due post on the building the kid’s workbench is finally here.  Picking up where we left off, the vise still needs to be fit to the base.  It’s made from the Benchcrafted Hi Vise kit and installation is best accomplished by downloading and following their instructions.  I needed to add a block to one leg to house the crisscross hardware, but the rest is fairly simple.

The base, vise chop, and top in their unfinished, unassembled state.

After the vise was installed, I let the girls take it for a test drive.

Ava takes a shot at edge planing.

Evelyn’s plane of choice is the violin maker’s block plane by Lie-Nielsen… Olivia is there to supervise her work.

Onto the finish work.  For the base, I painted it with 3 coats of Federal Blue milk paint, then a coat of Watco Danish Oil over that.  The top got a few coats of wipe-on poly.

First coat underway.

Base and vise nearly finished.

Finally everything got assembled, the lower shelf boards (which are tongue-and-grooved) were added, and the bench now sits next to my own where my 3 daughters can use it whenever they like.  This was easily one of my favorite builds to date for obvious reasons and for those of you considering something similar for your kids, I hope this provides some inspiration.  And for more pictures and info, you can look up the #kiddwrckbench on Instagram.  Cheers.

The completed bench

Lower shelving details

Finished bench in action.

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