International Orders

As WMT has grown, the variety of tools we sell has increased as has the number of individuals outside the US requesting our products.  At the moment, it is not feasible for us to accurately and automatically handle international orders, specifically the variability of shipping costs.  To keep things as simple and fair as possible, any international orders will now be handled via email.

To place an order, please send a request for the tool(s) you want and the address they will ship to.  We will send back an invoice to that same email address which will include the cost of the tool(s) and the appropriate shipping charges.  Once payment is received we will ship your order.  If you should decide not to order we will simply cancel the invoice.

To give an idea of what international shipping charges usually run, most of our orders have been in the $40-$65 range depending on the size of the order and what country it’s being delivered to.