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Interesting Links (in no particular order)


Full offering of tools
Lie-Nielsen Toolworks: www.lie-nielsen.com

Lee Valley / Veritas: www.leevalley.com

Tools for Working Wood / Gramercy: www.toolsforworkingwood.com

Infill planes
Ron Brese Infill Planes: www.breseplane.com

Daed Toolworks: www.daedtoolworks.com

Sauer & Steiner Toolworks: www.sauerandsteiner.com

Anderson Planes: www.andersonplanes.com

Hotley Classic Handplanes: www.holteyplanes.com

Marcou Planes: www.marcouplanes.com

Wooden bench and moulding planes
Old Street Tool, Inc (Clark & Williams): www.planemaker.com

M. S. Bickford: www.msbickford.com

Caleb James: www.calebjameschairmaker.com

Philly Planes: www.phillyplanes.co.uk

Scott Meek Woodworks: www.scottmeekwoodworks.com

Voigt Planes: www.voigtplanes.com

Red Rose Repropductions: www.redrosereproductions.com

Bad Axe Tool Works: www.badaxetoolworks.com

Blackburn Tools: www.blackburntools.com

Wenzloff & Sons: www.wenzloffandsons.com

Bontz Saw Works: www.bontzsawworks.net

Wood Joy Tools (bowsaws): www.woodjoytools.com

(Lie-Nielsen, Veritas, and Gramercy also have excellent saws in their respective links above)

Layout and miscellaneous tools
Blue Spruce Toolworks: www.bluesprucetoolworks.com

Vesper Tools: www.vespertools.com.au

Bridge City Tool Works: www.bridgecitytools.com

Glen-Drake Toolworks: www.glen-drake.com

Sterling Tool Works: www.sterlingtoolworks.com

Hamilton Woodworks: www.hamiltontools.com

Czeck Edge Hand Tool: www.czeckedge.com

Texas Heritage Woodworks: www.txheritage.net

Crucible Tool: www.crucibletool.com

(Wood Joy Tools also offers nice layout tools in their link under “Saws”)

Workbenches and accessories
Benchcrafted: www.benchcrafted.com

Plate 11 Bench Company: www.plate11.com

Big Wood Vise: www.bigwoodvise.com

Lake Erie Toolworks: www.lakeerietoolworks.com

Maguire Benches: www.maguireworkbenches.com

(Lie-Nielsen and Veritas also have excellent vises and holding accessories in their respective links above)


Lost Art Press: www.lostartpress.com

Popular Woodworking: www.popularwoodworking.com

Fine Woodworking: www.finewoodworking.com

Furniture & Cabinetmaking (U.K.): www.thegmcgroup.com

A few blogs
The Unplugged Woodshop: www.theunpluggedwoodshop.com

Lost art Press: www.blog.lostartpress.com

The Wood Whisperer: www.thewoodwhisperer.com

Hock Sharpening: www.hocktools.wordpress.com

Reference Material

Disston saw information: www.disstonianinstitute.com

All about backsaws: www.backsaw.net

Millers Falls information: www.oldtoolheaven.com

Hand Plane information: www.supertool.com

talkFestool woodworking forum: www.talkfestool.com

Woodworking Talk forum: www.woodworkingtalk.com