About Us

Walke Moore Tools is committed to designing and manufacturing the highest quality hand tools available using only the finest materials.


There are several quality tool makers today and WMT (pronounced “walk more”) hope to be among them.  Our efforts are focused on offering tools that are either not readily available today or are being made at an inferior level, delivering tools that function flawlessly, look beautiful, and last for generations.

Located in upstate NY, our shop primarily consists of a full-time professional woodworker and a mechanical-engineer-turned-hand-tool-woodworker-turned-tool-maker. We design and try to manufacture everything we sell, but in some cases a certain component of our tools may not be feasible to produce ourselves.  When we do outsource a portion of our tools, it is exclusively to local businesses ensuring that everything we sell is 100% American made.  And whether you buy from us or not, we encourage you to support other premium tool makers like those found on our interesting links page.

Finally, if there is a tool you want and no one makes it, let us know. We are considering several future tool offerings and are happy to add the suggestions of our customers to the list. The same is true of any tool we are currently making. Suggestions around improvements or features from which our tools could benefit will always be considered, as we both respect and appreciate the opinions of woodworkers who may have been using hand tools since before we were born.